Community Centre
Community Centre
Community Centre

Community Centre, Stevenage

This scheme in Bragbury End, for Stevenage Borough Council, was part of a wider development to increase the council's housing portfolio and to relocate and design Bragbury End Community Centre.

The proposed Community Centre is designed to be an iconic building at the entrance to Bragbury End and Stevenage as a whole.

The building is a deceptively simple form, which follows the extruded profile of a pitched roof house, cladded almost entirely in interlocking diamond shaped zinc and with buff brick to emphasise key areas.

Full height slender vertical windows are used to punch through the building mass.

The main rooms - such as the main entrance and the 2 halls and the meeting room - extend the glazing past the eaves and continue up along the roof profile, creating a dramatic incision into the building and allowing for a greater level of light.

The scheme achieved Planning approval in October 2019.